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How to set up SmartTub™️ | Smart Heat Mode

Smart Heat Mode – Automated energy savings mode that quantifies projected energy savings and allows hot tub to be ready based on user’s schedule.


What is Smart Heat Mode?

Smart Heat Mode is a new energy-saving mode exclusively for SmartTub® users who use their spa one or a few times per week. Customers can activate the feature by setting up an intended use schedule and the desired water temperature. The spa automatically, using local weather conditions, volume of spa water, spa insulation, and spa heating capacity, regulates the heating temperature to save energy during idle periods and ramps up the temperature hours prior to the customer’s scheduled use.

Customers will find the exclusive SmartTub® Smart Heat Mode UI on their SmartTub® application’s monitoring tab, but not on their spa controller. The heating choices are now Smart (Smart Heat Mode), Auto, Day, and Night. Night is equivalent to the former ECO Mode. Customers can learn more details about their Smart Heat Mode by clicking on the ? in the Smart Heat Mode menu.

Smart Heat Mode Customer

Smart Heat Mode works best for customers who use their spa regularly, once or a few times a week. For example, customers intending to use their spa on Friday night and Saturday night or intending to use their spa on Tuesday night and Friday night. Smart Heat Mode is unlikely to save customers energy when they intend to use their spa most days or irregularly at unpredictable times during the week.

Setup Smart Heat Mode

Customers will need to set up a few settings about their intended use schedule. The first setting will be the target water temperature of use, up to 40°C. Next will be the time of scheduled use. Customers will choose the day (Sunday to Saturday) and the time of their intended use. If the customer intends to use the spa on another day and time, they simply repeat the day and time selection.

After selecting Smart Heat Mode and setting up a schedule, the spa will adjust the spa target water temperature to fit the time until the next intended spa usage. If the intended usage is days away, the spa target water temperature will automatically drop to a calculated minimum temperature. Then, hours prior to the intended use, the spa will start to heat the water to reach the ideal water temperature before the customer uses it.

So, while Smart Heat Mode will benefit many customers, for some customers who use their spa irregularly, daily, or just when they feel like a soak, the Heat Modes Auto, Night, and Day would be more appropriate choices. Customers just need to select one of these alternative modes to turn off Smart Heat Mode.

Vacation Mode

Included within the Smart Heat Mode feature is Vacation Mode. Customers going on holiday may select Vacation Mode to save energy while they are away from their spa. Vacation Mode persists until customers turn off the feature; when Vacation Mode is turned off, the tub will resume its Smart Heat Mode schedule.

I want to soak today

Customers who have set up Smart Heat Mode but want to soak on a day that wasn’t scheduled will want to carefully set the unscheduled use heat-up time to the number of hours they are willing to wait before using their spa. Customers may configure the heat-up time to be from 1 hour until ready to soak up to 4 hours until ready to soak. Customers will save the most energy if they are willing to wait 4 hours until the tub water heats up. Customers with a shorter water warm-up time will save less energy.

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