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Furniture FAQ

Is your furniture fully weatherproof?

Yes all of our furniture is fully weatherproof, the aluminium is extruded and powder coated which means it will not rust or fade.

The fabrics on our furniture are fully water-resistant which makes it extremely difficult for any rain to penetrate the layer of fabric.

The foam inside the cushions is open cell structured, which means in a very heavy downpour if the rain did penetrate the water-resistant outer fabric, then the fast dry foam inside allows for the rain to pass straight through the open cells and out of the bottom, this means that the fabric and foam drys extremely quickly once the rain has stopped, making it perfect for the British weather!

All of our fabrics are also sunproof which means they will not fade and can be very easily cleaned as they are also completely stain proof!

Our fabrics are also 100% recyclable.

To add to the above, all of our poufs, scatter cushions and rugs are made from PET (recycled plastic bottles) which means they can be cleaned using a pressure washer on a light setting or the covers can be removed and washed in the washing machine.
The cushions are extremely comfortable and have been voted most cosy by various magazine reviews.

The wood used on our furniture is Teak which is a beautiful wood that is weatherproof and can be treated or untreated in various ways. All of our teak comes untreated which allows you to choose which options suits you best.

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