Jacuzzi® History The Name That Launched An Industry Continues To Redefine It

One Family’s Legacy of Inspiration and Innovation

Choosing a Jacuzzi® hot tub goes beyond selecting a brand; it’s an embrace of a family’s legacy, a story woven with innovation, and a treasury of knowledge. It represents decades of groundbreaking advancements, exceptional design performance, and the unwavering trust of millions.

The Jacuzzi® brand is known all over the world for the excellence of its products in the wellness sector, and more recently in the sports sector. But not everyone knows the origin of the company that has become the example of a brand that knows how to keep up with the times.


Seven Brothers – Pioneers in Aviation and Agriculture

After immigrating to California from Italy in the early 1900s, the Jacuzzi family initially carved their niche as inventors, introducing groundbreaking advancements in aviation. Notably, they designed an early wood propeller for airplanes used in World War I, opting for a curved design over the traditional flat shape. Their innovative spirit further soared with the creation of the Jacuzzi J-7, one of the pioneering fully-enclosed airplane cabins exclusively tailored for mail transport.

Shifting their focus, the family later directed their ingenuity toward water systems and pumps in California’s flourishing orange groves. A pivotal moment unfolded in 1925 when they revolutionised the agricultural landscape by inventing the first submersible pump, extracting water from the ground. This ingenious stride marked the initial step that propelled them towards establishing the iconic Jacuzzi® Brand known today.

Jacuzzi History - 1900s



From Hydraulics to Hydrotherapy

In the 1940s, Candido Jacuzzi pioneered a groundbreaking therapeutic hydrotherapy pump with a heartfelt purpose—to alleviate his toddler son Kenneth’s struggles with childhood rheumatoid arthritis. Motivated by the success of this innovation, Jacuzzi engineers swiftly translated their expertise into the creation of a home version of the pump. This transformative device had the remarkable ability to convert any standard bathtub into a serene and revitalising hydro-therapeutic spa.

The Jacuzzi family’s dedication to enhancing well-being took a significant leap forward during this era, laying the foundation for the brand’s enduring commitment to innovative and accessible hydrotherapy solutions.


Revolutionising Wellness Worldwide

In 1956, the Jacuzzi family began marketing the J-300™ and changed the lives of people around the world. The J-300™, a portable pump, became a celebrated invention of the era. With the power to transform any normal bath into a relaxing and rejuvenation hydro therapeutic spa, that started a niche medical product.

Jacuzzi soon became a household name thanks in part to repeated appearances on the national daytime television show, Queen for a Day, which boasted 20 million viewers. During that time, the Jacuzzi® Brand became an overnight sensation, even with famous names such as Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and George Burns all owning Jacuzzi® Products.

Original MX Jet



Jetting into a New Era of Relaxation

In 1968, third-generation family member Roy Jacuzzi took the portable hydrotherapy pump to the next level. Having worked in the family business since he was a teenager, Roy Jacuzzi created and marketed the world’s first integrated whirlpool bath, the “Roman.” The key to the Roman was the incorporation of innovative therapy jets into the sides of the tub. His patented jets produced a unique 50/50 air-to-water ratio.

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs uses this same air-to-water ratio today to provide a spa experience you won’t find anywhere else. With the support of family members, Roy was instrumental in creating a whole new industry. The Jacuzzi® Brand became forever imprinted in our minds.

THE 1970s

A Revolution in Home Hydrotherapy

In 1970, Jacuzzi® invented larger hot tubs to accommodate groups of people. Incorporating heating and filtration systems to keep the water warm and clean, these self-contained family-size “spas” were unique.

For the first time in modern history, anyone could indulge in a relaxing and invigorating spa treatment with friends and family in their own homes.



Hot Tubs Tailored to Active Lifestyles

During the 1980s Jacuzzi® focused on enhancing the home spa experience, introducing models that worked as hot tubs, whirlpool baths, or both. The models incorporated soothing waterfalls and could be installed indoors or out, turning the backyard into a favourite place to relax and entertain family and friends.

Jacuzzi History - 1980s



Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs Transform Backyards

In the early 90s Roy Jacuzzi was inducted into the National Kitchen & Bath Hall of Fame, recognised for his many contributions in the innovation of hydrotherapy for home use. Jacuzzi® was the first company to promote the concept that a backyard hot tub could be as “entertaining” as a barbecue grill or lap pool. The Jacuzzi® design and engineering teams responded to modern consumer trends by offering more energy-saving hot tubs, in more colours, and with more optional features than ever before.



Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs: A Global Phenomenon

The Jacuzzi® brand of hot tubs is manufactured by Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, the world’s largest manufacturer of acrylic spas. In addition to the first whirlpool bath patent, Jacuzzi Inc. has over 250 worldwide patents for advancements in pump systems, jet technology, air controls and product design. The ongoing commitment to innovative product development ensures that Jacuzzi’s leadership position in the industry, and sets the standard for quality and value the world over.



Innovating Toward Efficiency and Style

The Jacuzzi® Brand continued to create innovative design through the launch of a new flat rail spa that could easily integrate into a deck and was regarded as more energy efficient.



Pioneering Wellness in the Digital Age

The integration of smart technology, advanced stay-clean innovations, and products that bring wellness to everyone around the world continues to solidify the position of the Jacuzzi® Brand as a global leader.

Jacuzzi's 60 Year Anniversary



The Jacuzzi® legacy, steeped in innovation and well-being, continues to shape the modern era. With products manufactured in five countries and enjoyed in over 100 nations, Jacuzzi® stands as a global influence. Representing decades of continuous innovation and design excellence, the Jacuzzi® Brand is a trusted choice for millions worldwide. Offering a diverse product lineup, including hot tubs, swim spas, bathtubs, showers, and saunas, each Jacuzzi® product reflects the brand’s unwavering dedication to providing a unique hydrotherapeutic experience. With smart technology integration and stay-clean innovations, Jacuzzi® remains a leader in delivering comprehensive wellness solutions, ensuring a trusted haven of relaxation for users worldwide.

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