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How can the Jacuzzi® SmartTub™️ save you money?

Are you wondering how SmartTub™ can help you save money? The SmartTub™ system is designed to maximise efficiency and save you money. You can adjust the timing and usage of the tub according to your specific needs. With SmartTub™️, you can customise settings such as pre-heat times or fill levels, which can help you reduce energy costs and shorten maintenance time. This makes your hot tub experience more cost-effective and hassle-free. Here’s how the SmartTub™ system can be your key to saving money while enjoying a relaxing soak.

1. Smart Heat Mode: You can avoid unnecessary energy consumption by scheduling when your hot tub should be ready for use. This feature ensures your hot tub is at the desired temperature precisely when you want it, reducing heating costs when the cover is on.

SmartTub® Smart Heat Mode

2. Vacation Mode: When you’re away from home, Vacation Mode allows your hot tub to operate at a lower temperature while maintaining essential filtration cycles at less frequent intervals. This energy-saving mode ensures your hot tub remains in good condition even when you’re not using it regularly.

3. Programmable Filtration Cycles: The timing and frequency of hot tub filtrations can impact operating costs. With SmartTub®, you can customize filtration cycles to align with your preferred schedule. This feature, combined with Smart Heat Mode and energy usage reports, allows you to optimise filtration cycles to run precisely when needed.

Energy Efficient - Smart Tub

4. Energy Usage Updates: For those who prefer a detailed view of their energy consumption, SmartTub™ offers an energy usage graph. This data empowers you to monitor your hot tub’s kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage and track off-peak and peak energy costs, helping you make informed decisions about energy-efficient operation.

SmartTub Energy Usage

In conclusion, SmartTub™ is not just an addition to your hot tub; it’s a smart investment in efficiency and savings. With features like Smart Heat Mode, Vacation Mode, programmable filtration cycles, and energy usage updates, this innovative system puts you in control of your hot tub experience. Say goodbye to unnecessary energy expenses and maintenance hassles – embrace the future of hot tub technology with SmartTub™.

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