Jacuzzi® Jet Technology

Jacuzzi® - Exclusive Hydrotherapy Jets

As the pioneers of hydrotherapy, Jacuzzi® naturally excels in providing the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. With over 60 years of knowledge and innovation, their PowerPro® jets are meticulously designed to deliver the best custom massage experience.

Exclusive PowerPro® Jet Collection

Explore each Jacuzzi’s PowerPro® hot tub jet for their benefits and unique hydrotherapy experience.

PowerPro® MX 

Inspired by the original Jacuzzi® jet created over 60 years ago, this patented, next generation jet delivers a bold massage to the muscles in the lower back.

Jacuzzi Jet / PowerPro® MX Jet

PowerPro® BX 

The BX bubbler jets that focus exclusively on the calves to invigorate tired muscles and refresh your skin.

Jacuzzi Jet / PowerPro jet BX

PowerPro® FX Large 

Focusing on the middle of the back to relieve tension and muscle strain, the spiral action massage promotes better circulation.

Jacuzzi Jet / PowerPro® FX Large 

PowerPro® RX 

The spinning RX jet delivers comforting relief to the back and shoulders.  It provides the highest performing hydromassage available on Jacuzzi® hot tubs.

Jacuzzi Jet / PowerPro® RX Jet


Targets smaller muscle group areas, like those found in the wrists or hands, with a gentle pulsating massage. The pressure is adjustable, creating the ideal massage experience for each user.

Jacuzzi Jet / PX

PowerPro® FX Directional Jet

Designed to relieve tension and improve circulation, this spiral action directional jet delivers a targeted massage to the hips.

jacuzzi-clean-water-technology - PowerPro Jet FX Directional

The Jacuzzi® Difference.

Pump to Jet Ratio

In the realm of hot tub hydrotherapy, more jets don’t necessarily equate to a better experience. The secret lies in achieving the perfect blend of heat, buoyancy, and jets to deliver optimal hydromassage benefits.

The patented 360° air induction with a Jacuzzi® jet ensures a high volume of water in a low-pressure massage, facilitating deeper penetration. This unique approach sets Jacuzzi® apart and guarantees a comfortable and effective massage, reducing the risk of discomfort or itchiness often associated with inferior jet systems.

Jacuzzi ®Jet

Ergonomic Seating

Under the Aqualibrium formula, emphasis is placed on ergonomic seating to enhance the overall hot tub experience. Specifically, the design of the seats is crafted to seamlessly follow the natural contours of the body. This meticulous attention to comfort not only promotes relaxation but also facilitates a more profound massage experience.

The integration of Jacuzzi® PowerPro® jets to TargetPro™ jets is a key aspect of this formula. These jets, known for their adjustability and recessed placement, are strategically positioned to align precisely with the muscle structure of the human form. The result is a hot tub hydrotherapy session that is not only comfortable but also distinguished by its premium quality, providing users with an optimal and relaxing hydromassage.

Ergonomic Seating - Maximum Comfort

The Science

Jacuzzi’s Aqualibrium® formula marks a groundbreaking approach to hot tub design. Now, let’s delve deeper into Jacuzzi’s scientific advancements and innovations that genuinely set them apart, elevating your premium hydromassage experience to new heights.

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