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Can I use my hot tub in winter?

Can I Use My Hot Tub In Winter? (Advice, Handy Tips And More).

Today, we’re diving into the world of winter hot tubbing and will answer the most common questions we get asked.Whether you’re a proud hot tub owner or thinking about joining the club, you’ve probably wondered, “Can I take a dip in my hot tub during winter? Is it safe, and will it cause any problems?” Well, let’s dive right into the world of winter hot tubbing, where the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Plus, we’re here to share some pro tips to ensure your winter hot tub experience is as delightful as sipping cocoa by a crackling fireplace.

Can I Actually Use My Hot Tub in Winter?

Absolutely! Winter hot tubbing is not just possible; it’s a delightful experience waiting for you. Imagine sinking into warm, bubbling water on a crisp, snowy day. It’s a recipe for relaxation and relief. And if you’re an active individual, like a dedicated runner or gym goer, a winter soak can work wonders for soothing those tired muscles and joints, aiding in quicker recovery.

* To make the most of your winter hot tub experience, ensure the chemical balance is spot-on, water levels are in their sweet spot, and all equipment functions flawlessly. This way, your hot tub will be ready for a dip whenever you desire.

Winter Hot Tubbing

To Drain or Not to Drain?

Now, here’s a common question: Should you empty or drain your hot tub in winter? The short answer is no, you don’t need to do that if you plan on using it.

*However, if you anticipate not using your spa during the colder months or if you’re going away for an extended period, we recommend following a winterising procedure. If you’re unsure about the steps involved, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll be more than happy to guide you through the process or leave it up to us.

Can You Leave Your Hot Tub Outdoors in Winter?

Absolutely! Most hot tubs are designed for outdoor use, so you can leave your spa outside in the winter. To protect it from the elements and keep those heating costs in check, make sure you keep the hot tub cover securely in place when you’re not indulging in a soak.

* Here’s a helpful tip: consider setting up a shelter, like a charming pergola or a cozy shed. This will help shield your hot tub from the harshest cold conditions.

How to maintain your hot tub in winter

What’s the Ideal Temperature for Winter Hot Tubbing?

Increasing the heat in your hot tub is a natural thing to do in the winter, when you want to stay cosy and nice. Picture the delightful sight of steam rising from the water as you ease into a luxurious, bubbling oasis. In this season, consider setting your hot tub’s temperature to a range of 36-40°C. Typically, a temperature exceeding 37.5 degrees Celsius is ideal for wrapping your body in comforting warmth, offering a truly soothing experience amidst the cold. Also, at 38 degrees, your pores open up, allowing you to fully embrace the heat as you transition from the brisk outdoors to the soothing waters. However, if you anticipate not using your hot tub for an extended period but wish to maintain water in it, you can slightly lower the temperature, ensuring it remains above 27 degrees Celsius.

* For safety, we recommend limiting your soak to around 20 minutes at a time. If you have little ones with you, especially in warmer water, keep their soak time to a maximum of 10 minutes. Remember, the ideal temperature for a winter soak can vary from person to person, so some experimentation might be needed. Keep in mind that the cooler the ambient temperature, the more your hot tub has to work to maintain its warmth, which could lead to slightly higher running costs. It’s all part of the deal and not a sign of any issues with your hot tub.

The best temperature to keep your hot tub at in winter

How Do I Protect My Hot Tub In Winter?

Winter can be harsh on your hot tub, inside and out. So, you’ve got to protect it from the elements, just like you would in the peak of summer. Leaving your hot tub shell exposed to the sun and heat can spell trouble, even in winter. Brands like HotSprings®, Hydropool, and Jacuzzi® have gone the extra mile to build top-notch cabinetry and insulation to safeguard their components and keep running costs down. But not all hot tubs are created equal. Be sure to check with your manufacturer to gauge your tub’s resistance to the elements and insulation quality.

And here’s a no-brainer: A hot tub cover should be used and locked when heating or not in use. This will be more energy efficient and ensure the extreme weather doesn’t affect your hot tub.

How Do I Take Care And Maintain My Hot Tub When It’s Cold?

Taking care of your hot tub in the winter doesn’t require any less attention and maintenance than you would for using it in the summer. However, there are a few areas that need more attention.

  • Check those pumps regularly: When the mercury takes a dip, it’s crucial to inspect your pipes regularly so they don’t freeze. Keep your filtration and heating system running on a regular cycle to ward off the chill.
  • Keep the hot tub cover on: When you’re not using the hot tub, placing the cover on and locking it tight will help keep the elements from affecting the inside of the shell. This will also help when heating the water, trapping it where you want it. To ensure maximum energy efficiency, check your manufacturer’s recommendation for when to replace the cover.
  • Check water levels: Naturally, your water levels will drop over time as water evaporates from your hot tub. But during the winter, this can be harmful to your jets and pumps if they fall too low, leading to damage if they freeze. Being mindful of this will ensure you keep the water at the correct level.

Should I Leave My Hot Tub Pump On All The Time?

While leaving pumps on won’t damage your hot tub, it may not be the most energy-efficient option. Your hot tub will have to work harder during the winter to heat up the water, but this is important to keep filtration working and keep the temperature from dropping too much.

Ensure your filtration settings are programmed on a suitable cycle so you can avoid this. Also, check to make sure the clock is set correctly.

Can I use my hot tub when its snowing?

Can I Use My Hot Tub If It’s Snowing?

Of course, you can enjoy your hot tub in any season. For us, using your hot tub in the snow is the most magical experience. Just picture the snowflakes falling gently as you soak in the warm water.

*However, we recommend you take extra care if you want to have a soak while it’s snowing. This includes wearing appropriate footwear before entering or after exiting your hot tub and maybe a woolly hat just for fun.

Can I Add Snow To My Hot Tub To Refill The Water?

Think twice before tossing snow into your hot tub to top it up. The impurities in snow can wreak havoc with your water’s chemical balance, making it unsanitary. You’ll need extra time and chemicals to restore the balance.

*Stick to refilling with a good old garden hose—it’s the way to go.

The best time of the year to use a hot tub Summary

After this read, you’re probably feeling pretty relieved that you can continue to enjoy your hot tub in winter and hopefully every bit as excited as us for snow this year. We’ve covered the essentials to ensure that your plumbing, shell, and pumps stay in tip-top shape even when the mercury drops. The bottom line is this: yes, you can definitely enjoy your hot tub during winter. It’s the perfect way to banish the cold and have a soothing, relaxing time. Just remember to keep up with the maintenance, just as you would in the summer. Stay warm, stay cozy, and enjoy your winter hot tub adventures!🌡️❄️🛁

Now it’s your turn to share your winter hot tub stories or tips in the comments below. We love hearing from our customers!

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