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How long does it take to heat a hot tub?

How Long Does It Take To Heat A Jacuzzi® Hot Tub In Northern Ireland? (Advice, Handy Tips And More)

If you’re considering a Jacuzzi® hot tub for your Northern Ireland home, you might be wondering how long it takes to heat, why it might take a bit longer and how you can speed up the process.

Whether you’re a prospective buyer or a current owner looking for advice, this article will provide you with facts, statistics, and helpful advice to help you understand your hot tub’s heat-up time.

By the end of this read, you’ll be well-equipped to gauge your Jacuzzi® hot tub’s heat-up time, implement tips for faster heating, and more.

Hot tub heat-up

Enjoying Your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub After Delivery

When your Jacuzzi® hot tub is delivered, it’s advisable to wait at least 24 hours before taking your first dip. This waiting period isn’t just about the water temperature; it’s also crucial for ensuring that the chemicals balance and initial shock sanitiser levels decrease to safe levels. This ensures a safe and enjoyable hot tub experience.

In this article, we’ll focus exclusively on the time it takes for the water in your hot tub to reach your desired temperature, leaving the chemical aspects aside. The exact time it takes for your hot tub to heat up depends on various factors, which we’ll explore below.


Factors Affecting Hot Tub Heat-Up Time in Northern Ireland

Determining an exact heat-up time for your hot tub can be challenging because several variables come into play:

  • Temperature of Incoming Water: The initial temperature of the water entering your hot tub significantly impacts the heat-up time. Generally, outdoor cold water taps supply water at around 12 degrees Celsius. Warmer water from the source will require less time to reach your desired hot tub temperature.
  • Climate: Northern Ireland’s climate is known for its mild temperatures and regular rainfall. While it’s a beautiful place to enjoy a hot tub, the cooler climate may slightly affect heating times.
  • Insulation: The level of insulation in your hot tub plays a vital role in heating efficiency. A well-insulated hot tub retains heat effectively, and Jacuzzi® hot tubs are designed with multiple layers of insulation, from the base to internal foam and the cover.This feature is especially valuable in a cooler climate like Northern Ireland’s.
  • Heat Source: The type of heat source you have for your hot tub affects the time it takes to heat up. Options include electrical heaters, air-source heat pumps, and ground-source heating.
  • Size of Heat Source: The heating output of your heat source determines its power and, consequently, how quickly it can heat the water in your hot tub.
  • Water Volume: Larger hot tubs with higher water volumes naturally take longer to heat than smaller models. For instance, a swim spa will require more time to reach the desired temperature compared to a regular hot tub.
  • Desired Water Temperature: While individual preferences vary, the most common hot tub temperature ranges between 36-38 degrees Celsius. This range serves as a benchmark for determining heating time.
  • Maintenance and Efficiency: Regular maintenance, including filter cleaning and heater descaling, contributes to more efficient heating. Clogged filters can hinder circulation efficiency, slowing down the heating process. Similarly, scale buildup on the heater can reduce its effectiveness.


How Long Does It Take To Heat Up A Jacuzzi® Hot Tub – The Facts

Let’s dive into the specific heat-up times for Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs. These figures are based on Jacuzzi® products’ design and insulation and serve as a reference for your expectations. Please note that these times are specific to Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, and other brands will vary. Additionally, the factors discussed earlier can influence heat-up times, even for the same model.

  • Jacuzzi® J-315™: This model has an average water volume of 795 litres and a 2.7kW heater. On average, it heats up by 3 degrees Celsius every hour, taking approximately 8 hours to reach 36 degrees Celsius.
  • Jacuzzi® J-335™: With an average water volume of 1,325 litres and a 2.7kW heater, the J-335™ heats up by an average of 1.7 degrees Celsius per hour, requiring around 14 hours to reach 36 degrees Celsius.
  • Jacuzzi® J-475™: Featuring an average water volume of 1,667 litres and a 2.7kW heater, the J-475™ heats up by an average of 1.4 degrees Celsius per hour, taking approximately 17 hours to reach 36 degrees Celsius.

Based on these examples, the average Jacuzzi® hot tub with a 2.7kW heater will take around 13 hours to reach your desired temperature.


External Temperature Impact

Outdoor temperature can have a significant effect on hot tub heating times. To illustrate, a J-335™ model (with a volume of 1,325 litres and a 2.7kW heater) was tested in two different scenarios:

  • In the UK’s average heating conditions, the heat-up time is around 14 hours.
  • However, when tested in sub-zero temperatures of -5 degrees Celsius overnight, the heat-up duration extended to 20 hours.

This substantial difference in outdoor temperature resulted in a 6-hour increase in heat-up time.


Why Does My Hot Tub Take So Long to Heat Up?

If you find that your hot tub takes longer than expected to heat up, you’re not alone. It’s a common concern, but the factors mentioned earlier should provide some answers to your questions.

For hot tub owners experiencing extended heat-up times for the first time, consider inspecting your insulation, filters, heater, or water circulation for any issues. If the problem persists or remains unresolved, reach out to our service department for advice or to schedule an engineer to diagnose and address any potential issues.

Jacuzzi® Smart Tub System

Tips for Faster Hot Tub Heating

Here are some additional tips to speed-up your hot tub’s heating time:

  • Keep the hot tub cover on to minimise heat loss, and refrain from using it until the water reaches your desired temperature.
  • Increase the water temperature as you fill-up the hot tub.
  • For commercial hot tubs, consider adding heater upgrades to increase power up to 6kW, significantly reducing heat-up time.
  • If you own the Smart Tub® app, you can take advantage of the Smart Heat Mode feature. This innovative feature allows you to schedule when you want your hot tub to reach your preferred temperature, similar to programming the thermostat in your home. Your hot tub will automatically adjust itself to heat the water to your desired temperature precisely when you want it. To learn more about SmartTub® and Smart Heat Mode, read this page.


Using Your Hot Tub After Drain and Refill

Once your hot tub’s water is chemically balanced and initial sanitiser shock levels have decreased to a safe level, you can start using your hot tub as soon as it reaches a comfortable temperature according to your personal preference. Remember that the time it takes to heat up will still depend on the factors mentioned earlier.

For holiday home hot tubs, it’s essential to wait until the water reaches the owner’s standard desired temperature, typically around 36-38 degrees Celsius. Commercial properties like holiday parks may have an advantage in heating time if they can fill their hot tubs directly from a boiler on-site, as the initial water temperature will be higher. (This must be a mixed water supply with temperatures not exceeding 26 degrees Celsius as this may damage the sensors.)

Jacuzzi® Hot Tub heat up time in Northern Ireland

In Summary

Hot tub heating time in Northern Ireland is influenced by various factors, including climate, insulation, heat source, and maintenance. We recommend allowing 24 hours for your hot tub to reach your desired temperature. If you’re in Northern Ireland and seeking a reputable hot tub, Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs from Outback 365 offer quality, efficiency, and the innovative Smart Tub® feature for an unparalleled experience.

If you want to check on your hot tub’s heat up time, we recommend using online water heating calculators, such as this one.

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